Jim Sikiotis

Jim has 15 years legal experience acting for institutional lenders in rural transactions, including Rabobank. This has given him extensive exposure to rural business structures and issues, succession, wills and estate planning.

His 6 prior years of experience working for the NSW Trustee and Guardian in financial management of estates of incapable persons gives him a unique perspective on the value of all clients developing an effective estate planning strategy. His decade of teaching experience enables him to present complex issues in simple terms, empowering clients to make informed decisions about their legal needs.

Jim is able to assist you with:

  • succession and estate planning
  • preparation of a will, power of attorney or guardianship appointment
  • superannuation and superannuation borrowing

Jim is well known and respected among NSW rural legal practitioners. He recognises the value of long term client relationships particularly in the rural sector. He develops a thorough understanding of clients and uses that knowledge to build and maintain client relationships which best serves their needs for the long term.

The view of Sydney Estate Planning Lawyers is to focus on solutions not problems and to reduce the delay and expense often faced by those needing access to legal services.

Sydney Estate Planning Lawyers strives not to impose its will on clients as they work together with them in ensuring their client’s goals are achieved.

Sydney Estate Planning Lawyers’ experience empowers it to give you valuable insights into the set up, operation, transactional, succession and revenue requirements of businesses generally and the property and estate planning needs of the private clients behind these businesses.

Email: jim@sydneyepl.com.au