Executor under a will – What are my duties?

As an executor under a will, you will be responsible for the administration of the estate of the deceased and for the distribution of their assets to the beneficiaries under their Will. The duties of an executor can be quite demanding with duties including: Attending to funeral arrangements Identifying the assets and liabilities of the … Read more

Probate – What is probate?

Before a person’s assets can be distributed after their death, the executor may need to apply to the Supreme Court for a grant of Probate. A grant of Probate is the court’s approval of a person’s Will as their last Will. Once it has been obtained, the deceased’s assets can be distributed in accordance with … Read more

What happens if I don’t have a will?

Without a current and valid will, there is no guarantee that your assets will be transferred on your death as you want. By leaving a will your wishes are known. Without a will, the state government’s order for distributing assets will apply. If you have no family as defined by that order, your assets could … Read more

Why should I use a lawyer to prepare my will?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, a correctly worded will can do it for you. That is why you should use a lawyer to help you. Does your will need to do any of the following: Prevent your spouse from changing their will without reference to you and after your death, … Read more