We are estate planning lawyers offering:

Private clients personal services in those areas that are of utmost importance when buying your home or investment property, making your will or dealing with a death in the family.

Consultancy services, in the estate planning and superannuation area, to accountants, lawyers and financial advisers by lawyers that respect your client relationships.

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Who are the people that work at Sydney Estate Planning Lawyers?

68 years of collective experience to assist you with your estate planning needs.

Sydney Estate Planning Lawyers

Damian Scroope


Business Law Accredited Specialist

Damian was admitted in 1987. He has degrees in Law and Commerce (Accounting/Finance) from the University of NSW and is an accredited specialist in Business Law.

Email: damian@sydneyepl.com.au

Sydney Estate Planning Lawyers

Jim Sikiotis

Special Counsel

Jim was admitted to practice in 1999. He has degrees in Law (University of Technology, Sydney), Arts and a Diploma in Education (University of Sydney).

Email: jim@sydneyepl.com.au

Sydney Estate Planning Lawyers

Francine Hendriks

Special Counsel

Francine has 17 years legal experience acting for private clients and small to medium sized businesses. Her specialities are Estate Planning and Wills, Disputes and Estate Litigation.

Email: francine@sydneybl.com.au

Sydney Estate Planning Lawyers

Tricia Shales

Tricia has worked solely in the provision of legal services to small to medium sized businesses, most recently for the ANZ bank. Whatever the job, Tricia’s commitment is the delivery of the best result and an affordable outcome.